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With Clients ranging from Big Brand Agencies to Sports Marketing Teams to Digital Content Creators, I've produced videos for Broadcast, Web, Corporate Use and Trade Shows, as well as International Distribution and Multi-Cultural Commercial Spots in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. I've worked in Digital Media since before YouTube was cool, so I have a unique ability to make a dollar stretch. You have an idea and an investment? I've got the resources and skills to produce a top-quality video for you that you'll be proud of. And we'll probably have some fun, too.


​“I have met and worked with a number of producers, but I've noticed on Mitch's productions how the AD (because of Mitch's organization) has a much easier/productive time and thus the Director has more time to get what he wants and the EPs are always happy with the bottom line! Beyond all that is Mitch's great attitude! He brings everybody up and makes production as it should! For me personally, Mitch came onto my production under impossible circumstances and turned it around and, because of Mitch, we got everything that we needed. He has been a huge blessing to me!”

Scottie Bahler, Director, How To Be Lonely & Depressed

​“Mitch is about as easy to work with as it gets. He values being professional and having fun, and demonstrates this by consistently making sure everyone involved in a production is respected and acknowledged for their contribution to the project. He holds the team together, and motivates a “can do” attitude that makes his projects huge successes.”

Ben Clyde, Director/EP, Clyde Brothers/Squint Pictures

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